Squirrel loses battle with Mountain Bike.

Someone does not brake for squirrels.

Squirrels don’t like mountain biking or mountain bikers, for that matter.

They hate the sport even more than they fear a logger’s chainsaw, a global acorn shortage or watching re-runs of the Chipmunks.

If you have any doubt just how much squirrels truly despise mountain biking, then this photo should give you a 1000 word diatribe.

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  • rob

    I REALLY did NOT need to see that. 🙁

    • Yeah, I feel bad for the furry fellow… still comedy is a harsh taskmaster. Matt

  • Jockanese

    “No animals were harmed during the making of this photo!”
    Or maybe not?

    • Hard to day, really. Little fellow might simply be stunned.

  • Jockanese

    mmmm…the little fellow looks a bit run-down to me!!

  • IdeaStormer Jorge

    I bet he was using the squirrel to clean his disc brakes. What a way to be green and recycle at the same time! I knew there was a secret to all those squirrel’s by the road side all the time, now to get one for me!

    • Squirrel juice, the next great green lube. Nice.

      • Jockanese

        I heard red squirrel's are better for the brake disc's and grey for the chain!

  • gordon

    Dinner and a ride; well done.

  • Ron

    I once saw Survivor Man use a dead squirrel as toilette paper!

  • Ron

    But I dont know what he did about the teeth….