Peter Sagan’s secret weapon. It’s the Sierras

//Peter Sagan’s secret weapon. It’s the Sierras

Peter Sagan’s secret weapon. It’s the Sierras

King of Cali, photo twisted spoke

Well, we figured it out. While half the peloton openly wonders how to beat Sagan, how to figure out the riddle, unravel the mystery and determine his secret, we came to a revealing conclusion just today.

It’s the Sierras, folks.

The double Rainbow World Champion, the owner of what — five green jerseys in the Tour — the guy who won his first moment at last year’s Tour of Flanders, does his race-winning training in the Sierras.

Consider, the latest announcement that his new team will follow his prep routine from last year’s wildly successful year by training in the Sierra Nevada in Spain’s Andalucia. Yes, that was the template that had him blowing away everybody and terrorizing even the strongest riders.

Yup, Après-Sierra, Sagan not only won Flanders but notched victories in Gent-Wevelgem and a second-place finish at E3 Prijs Harelbeke. Man was on fire, like a forest fire in the Sierras.

Then consider where he goes nearly every season in May as his tune-up for dominating the Tour de France battle for the green jersey. The Sierra mountains of Tahoe national forest that make up a good chunk of the Tour of California race route.

Sagan is the King of Cali with something insane like eight stages wins, the points classification jersey for five years in a row and the overall win in 2014. Crazy stuff — sprint wins, breakaway wins, amazing climbing skills, tenacious focus — he’s done everything in California except buy a two million dollar house in Santa Barbara for San Francsico.

Maybe that’s next.

Maybe Sagan will own a house near Truckee, California, Twisted Spoke’s personal Sierra base of operations for skiing and mountain biking. Pete, let me show you around — Talansky trains up here and so does that charming Belgian nut-ball Laurens ten Dam, who did his legwork in the Sierras before the California shindig.

What we’re saying is, secret revealed. The Sierras are the crucial element that makes Sagan win and win and win. In the front of the season, it’s the Sierras in Spain, then he sets himself up for Le Tour and the Worlds with the Sierras in California.

It’s a full-on Sierra double shot. Anybody that has any hopes of beating Sagan in 2017 needs to book at ticket immediately for the Sierras. Take your pick — California or Spain — but bring you race bike and get to work.

It’s your only hope.



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