Schleck crashes into car on training ride. A very, very small car.

Schleck crushes toy car.

Andy Schleck hit a car while on a training ride in Luxembourg. Perhaps out of embarrassment, he neglected to mention the size of the car. Sub-sub-sub compact.

Cycling fans were astonished to hear that the skinny stickman from Saxo Bank slammed into the car going 35 kilometers an hour yet sustained only minor bruises. Now we know why his injuries were so inconsequential.

According to Schleck, the car came off far worse. “There was more damage on the car. His door was a wreck and so was his bumper,” he said. “The passenger window and the front window were smashed too.”

Neither Schleck nor police could explain why the late model, toy orange Camero or Firebird was laying abandoned in the middle of the road. According to crash experts, the impact with Schleck’s Specialized bike also tore off the engine hood, rear tire and rim and back window.

“I couldn’t avoid the crash,” said Schleck. “I didn’t have the speed on but I couldn’t avoid it.”

Schleck will travel to Fuerteventura in January for Saxo Bank’s first team camp of 2010. Let’s hope there aren’t any more toy cars to deal with there. These are the kinds of obstacles that ruin training.

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