Saxo fires back on mechanical doping: Boonen a cyborg.

Team Saxo Bank responded to allegations that Fabian Cancellara had engaged in “mechanical doping” by claiming that Tom Boonen is a cyborg.

“Look closely at the film footage of Roubaix, you can see it’s not the human Boonen but a robot copy designed to ride faster,” said Saxo spokesman Kim Norgaard.

“When Fabian rode along side, he said Boonen’s eyes glowed red and when he said hello, the robot replied ‘not programmed to respond.”

Norgaard said a freeze frame zoom on Boonen’s face during Flanders revealed something truly ominous. “You could see rivets. It’s obviously a prototype they’re still refining.”

A crude Boonen prototype?

How was Cancellara able to accelerate past the Quick Step cyborg? “We were panicked, for a hour we had no plan,” said manager Bjarne Riis. “Then I told Fabian to flash his gold angel charm in the cyborg’s eyes. It seemed to momentarily disorient the machine.”

Patrick Lefevere, the head honcho at Quick Step called the charge preposterous. “Is this science fiction? Have they been drinking? We are not even budgeted for robots,” said Lefevere.

Boonen himself laughed off the charges. “I am flesh and blood and there is no Tomke robot,” said the Belgian champion.

However, investigative italian journalist Davide Cassani, the man behind the inflammatory video on mechanical doping and hidden electric motors, thinks the charge could be true.

“I’m examining the Roubaix footage in detail. There are some disturbing discoveries,” said Cassani. “There’s a moment when the Quick Step car pulls along side and the mechanic leans out with several tools. He wasn’t working on the bike, I can tell you.”

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  • Jono

    this makes me so angry! I will never believe again. Furious that Boonen was a cyborg for those races.

  • AMR

    Boonen too?

    I thought Cadel was cybor-like… with a lot of work required on the audio system.

    Good post!!

    • walshworld

      Hey AMR, thanks for the note. Cadel can seem a little stiff but the rainbow stripes have helped a bit. Matt

  • Kimberly Menozzi

    Ow, ow, ow!!!

    I think I’ve hurt myself laughing at this. Priceless!

    • walshworld

      Thanks Kim, comedy that hurts is the best kind. Matt

  • Barry McCallum

    My mole at the UCI says McQuaid is set to annouce the launch of a Mechanical Passport for all riders and bikes from 2011.

  • Ricola

    "“I am flesh and blood and there is no Tomke robot,” said the Belgian champion." HAHAHAHH this is hilarious! Tomke robot, a Belgian black-yellow-red colored dinky-toy riding a conventional bike!

    • walshworld

      Ricola, glad you like the comedy. That is where Twisted Spoke goes for something different than the usual news or slavish fan BS. I'll keep 'em coming. Thanks for reading.

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