Riders union misses party as usual.

//Riders union misses party as usual.

Riders union misses party as usual.

Bugno. Cool guy, weak union.

How many stories have we read over the years that the riders union has no power, no voice, no agenda, no reason for being? I will give you the exact number: a shit ton.

The riders union is a nearly invisible organization with the embarrassing habit of always being late to the party. They’re like this clueless after-thought, mild sound and no fury signifying nothing. They’re like a gag- gift — no, it’s not really a union, it’s a cheap party favor.

Their latest pointless announcement concerns the battle between the UCI and ASO and who controls the money and power in pro cycling. As usual, the CPA — Association of Professional Cyclists but really Association of Professional Pacifists — wants it both ways, all vanilla, zero impact.

That’s to say they are squarely, uselessly in the middle — they don’t support either the UCI or ASO and just want them to play nice and find a solution. Duh, who doesn’t? This is like one of those fluff PR announcements that sound like it’s written by a nice elementary school teacher.

Here are a few highlights from the CPA statement concerning the three year WorldTour license that ASO opposes:

“The association of the riders was in fact in favor of it but as long as all stakeholders, including the organizers, were also in favor of the new Reform,” said the CPA press release. “The CPA has noticed in recent weeks that the organizers and especially the ASO, are unwilling to accept the new guidelines of the UCI which are radically different from the original project.” Glad you noticed, fellas.

Really, guys, are you even awake? This is like running a news story months after the actual event and long after everyone else has moved on. Yes congrats, you were in the building but with no power to affect the proceedings. Amazingly they apparently charge dues for this organization.

Yes, the CPA boldly noted the ASO did not agree. Quelle insight! Then, playing both sides of the fence to no effect and unwilling to truly offend either side, they then handed out a micro-flic to the UCI. “The association of the riders expressly asks the UCI to open the dialogue with all parties who have a sincere desire to participate constructively in the Reform of cycling, to give our sport the respect it deserves.”

Nice work, CPA. This is truly a pathetic riders union and for a 50% cut in the dues, Twisted Spoke could easily take over all the functions of this largely ceremonial and comedic operation. If I was a professional bike racer I would write off the CPA as 100% irrelevant.

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