Review: Bontrager Air Support HP Pro pump. Mini Maxed.

Air support in place

This is a mini with muscle.

Write a review of a pump (or read one) and really, there’s only one test to run and one question that needs a clear, definitive and trustworthy answer.

To wit, does the diminutive Air Support HP Pro ($44.99) actually do a quick, easy and efficient job of pumping up a presta tube to a high pressure of 120? To which we can say, resoundingly, Hell, yes.

We bought this Bontrager pump at the Trek store so as you might imagine, the selection was limited to Trek family products. Nevertheless, the Air Support fit the profile for what we wanted — small, compact and supposedly powerful.


This little guy has a tight profile and lightweight footprint that easily fit in our jersey pocket. It disappears, it’s not there, it barely sticks out over the top of the pocket. It’s a trifle, a miniature, a cute little silver rod that promises to help you in dire circumstance.

Which probably describes just about every mini-pump. Then the moment of crisis arrives and in that hot fire we separate that plastic crap from the high functional champions.

Our assessment: the Bontrager Air Support HP Pro rocks. It has passed its moment of truth with flying colors.

We had a slow leak on the rear wheel as we approached the South entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Honestly, we had some trepidation based on a number of minis. The morning was windy and misty and we were now going to be late for work. We needed this pump to work, simply, efficient, quickly, no fiddling around, no anaerobic workout doing 200 pumps on a little gadget that’s simply not up to the task. This would make us bitter and frustrated and that’s not good for stress levels.


Imagine our satisfaction when the claimed specs and benefits actually delivered right on the money. We pulled back the rubber end cap, slid out the well-machined recessed pump, easily screwed it on the presto value nice and tight. A perfect drill of smooth, on the road, maintenance.

Then, we started pumping. Would this be a long, repetitive game of silliness where after a 100 pumps the tire was still half filled. No, we were pleasantly surprised how quickly the tube came back to a very firm pressure. We didn’t have a gauge but on the finger pinch test indicated we had all the air needed.

That is the nutshell, right there. Flat tire, mini-pump, job done, rolling again without any aggravation.

Any drawbacks? Hey, the $44.99 price puts the Air Support in the higher price category. Based on performance, we’re more than happy to spend that amount of cash because now we have our pump set-up perfected. The solid construction tells us this is gear that is in for the long haul.

If you are looking for a mini-pump with the max performance, this is an excellent pick. (Ohh, and lest we forget, there are mounting brackets for the bike frame.)

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Bontrager Air Support HP Pro

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2 Responses to “Review: Bontrager Air Support HP Pro pump. Mini Maxed.”

  1. A great review you have here for the Bontrager Air Support HP Pro Pump. Did you ever make other reviews for other mini-pumps? I am trying to compare which suits me best.

    • Hi Francis, You know, I should get some more pumps in for review. Sometimes, I kind of forget the small stuff versus apparel and other gear. I am still a fan on the Air Support, though. Thanks for checking in. Matt

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