Review: Baobab Drink Mix. Superfood, super good.


Baobab. Superfood of cyclists?


Healthy, natural energy drinks are one of those exploding categories. Turn your back and there’s another dozen all shouting about superfood this or that.

We’ve just stumbled across a new one and it’s a superfood we’ve never heard about  from Africa called Baobab.  The last few months we’ve used the Baobab Drink Mix before or after our bike rides an an energizer and we’re pretty excited about the taste and health benefits.

For anyone doing sports who wants something natural versus heavily processed and loaded with chemical crap, this is a terrific alternative. This is organic dried Baobab fruit pulp – In particular, baobab is super high in antioxidants — higher than acai, blueberries or goji berries. Each serving also has three grams of fiber — the majority of that fiber being soluble for digestion.  Benefits — fights inflammation and supports your immune system.

AS far as nutrition, the Baobab fruit drink mix is high in potassium, magnesium and vitamins C, D, B6 and B12. That’s another way of saying you can keep training hard on your bike. In fact, ounce for once, there’s more potation and magnesian than banana or coconut water.

Keep in mind, that this is a raw, whole food – never pasteurized, concentrated or freeze dried. Gluten-free and low in sugar and is the planet’s highest plant source of calcium. All good things if you’re trying to run your body on clean fuel.

Now all that is meaningless if the Baobab fruit mix isn’t tasty in a glass or water bottle. There are two flavors: Meyer Lemon and Peach Mango. Our personal favorite was the  lemon and the flavor was excellent. A perfect combo of tangy and sweet with some energizing burst of lemon. The mango is a little more sweet with a tad less personality than the lemon but still nice. You can also add these to a smoothie or fruit shake.

Did we suddenly break all our personal records on Strava after drinking the Baobab drink mix? Like all gels and bars and supplements, it’s hard to pin down cause and effect. We do know this: we feel great knowing that we’re drinking something this organic, this natural and this loaded with superfood benefits and vitamins and nutrients.

We look at natural, health drinks like the Baobab Drink Mix in the same way we look  high-end merino wool base layers for our cycling gear. It’s just an obvious smart move to steer away from heavily processed foods and petroleum based fibers.

Baobab Foods also has a Baobab Fruit Cubes and Fruit Powder for order on their website. The Drink mix comes in small boxes of 12 packets for $23.99. The packaging design is very cool and you can order the mix here.

In short, we can highly recommend the Baobab Drink Mix for cyclists searching for an organic, all natural energizer drink made with the king of super foods.

Baobab Foods website

Baobab Drink Mix




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