Radio Shack’s Allen Lim on chances for Zabriskie and Leipheimer in final stage.


TS:  Allen, you know Garmin pretty well, you know Zabriskie and Levi, is there any chance for them today?

LIM: There’s a good chance but Rogers has to gave a bad day. And everyone, not just our team and Garmin has to race really hard.

If there’s just three four teams riding hard, then it’s not going to snap and they’ll be maybe 15-20 guys at the end. It’s gonna be hard, everyone’s gonna try, but the field may not be strong enough as a whole to end up being difficult for COlumbia to control.

It’s going to be about legs and the course but who knows if the course is really hard enough. WHo knows if the field is deep enough.

TS:  Good luck today. You’re a genius.

TS:  (LAUGHS) Thanks.

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