Radio alert: Radio Shack awarded ProTour licence. Yup, Lance Armstrong is legal.

ProTour time

ProTour time

The Shack is officially street legal.

Yes, the UCI has granted Radio Shack a four year ProTour license. Which means Lance Armstrong can win the the 2013 Tour de France when he’s almost 42 years old. Approval was kind of a foregone conclusion given the names Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Kloden on the roster plus manager to the stars, Johan Bruyneel.

How would you say no to Radio Shack? Bad spelling on the application? Too much money in the bank account? No UCI discounts on Radio Shack electronic appliances? This was a no-brainer. Radio Shack has already done their Tour shopping spree. Can you imagine the big closed door meeting at the UCI — guys, Armstrong wants a license, okay, give him one. Who’s really going to read the hundred pages from the homework assignment?

Rumors are now swirling that the UCI ¬†will grant Astana just half a license, given that they have half a team. According to unnamed sources, Astana will be allowed to race on alternate weekends and only on tandem bikes. In addition, Astana sponsor gas company Kazmunaigas will be required to provide “free gas for life” for all UCI officials and their families.

In any case, Radio Shack now has its papers in order. After all, you’d hate to think Lance Armstrong would have to “sneak” into the Tour de France.

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