Rabottini vs Tiernan-Locke. Love, no love.

//Rabottini vs Tiernan-Locke. Love, no love.
  • Rabottini gets some sympathy

Rabottini vs Tiernan-Locke. Love, no love.

First thing to know about Matteo Rabottini: He’s not Jonathan Tiernan-Locke.

While nobody expresses sythpathy for the former Sky rider, who’s been through his own private Hell after a doping suspension, several people are reaching out to support doper Matteo Rabottini.

His old race bike supplier Ernesto Colnogo jumped in first. He felt bad that the Italian’s life was a “living Hell” and hoped the young man could reconcile with his parents, who have stopped speaking to him, and his domestic partner who left him and took his young son Deigo.

Old man Colnago suggested Rabottini go to his parents and get down on his knees and beg forgiveness for his EPO transgression. The parents sound old school — and the dad was a former racer. Good luck with that one.

Dad is probably pissed he can’t go to the local cafe for a few glasses of Barolo because his son is dragging down the family sporting reputation. We have to ask: Was dad running on bread and water when he raced? Not even an occasional amphetamine?

Unless Rabottini’s father is also a part-time Catholic priest, we’d be surprised if he was truly squeaky clean. This sounds like one of those stories where strict Italian dad’s pride gets in the way while mama stays in the kitchen with the boiling pasta just wishing she could hug her son. Maybe I’ve just watched too many old movies.

In any case, Colnago isn’t the only one suggesting people should give Rabotini a hand and show some empathy and understanding. Now Rabottini’s team manager at Farnese Vini, Angelo Citracca, has also sent some words of encouragement “I know his dad well and hope they can rebuild their relationship. I hope that Matteo can rebuild his life.”

Well, those are all nice sentiments but the Brit isn’t getting the same treatment as he gets ready to return to racing in February after a two year suspension.

Okay, let’s hear some empathy from Tiernan-Locke’s former boss David Brailsford at Team Sky. No? Nothing? David, any words of encouragement for poor Mr T-L? Okay, no worries. How about his old bike supplier Pinarello. Would Fausto Pinarello like to say a few kind words in support for someone who has suffered so much these last few years? Hmmm, not hearing anything.

Any former teammates like to pipe up? “Jonathan’s a great guy, swell mate, hope he gets back on a WorldTour team, good to see him on the bike again.” Well, it’s clear that is not happening.

Maybe Tiernan-Locke needs a better sob story.





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