Pat gets petty

Lefevere hating on Sky and Sagan

As anyone who follows the sport of pro cycling knows, Patrick Lefevere has no shortage of opinions and no compulsion to hold back on expressing them. He likes the inflammatory statement, the contrarian view and all the better if the backhanded slap doubles as a tribute to his team and his skills as a manager. […]

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Welcome, number 2

Quintana puts Landa in his place.

Welcome to Movistar, Mikel Linda, take your seat, right behind captain Quintana. Keep in mind, you are not number one, you’re number two — unless Alejandro Valverde wants to get upset. He just might so keep an eye out. Quintana didn’t bother to wait for the first training camp to make sure that Landa knew […]

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The worms are wiggling again

Lappartient opens can of radioactive worms

New UCI President David Lappartient went for an easy win and then fall into a dangerous trap. First, he said the governing body of the sport would work harder to ensure that any mechanical doping would be uncovered with better equipment and greater focus on testing. That’s an easy fix really, a non-brainer, about a […]

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Daily Mail

Froome wants ashes spread on Tour de France mountain. Which one?

Apparently, according to an interview today with the Daily Mail UK, superstar cyclist Chris Froome would like his ashes sprinkled on some mountaintop that’s part of the Tour de France route. Which obviously begs the question, which mountain? Will the reigning Tour champion and four time winner, opt for the Alps or the Pyrenees or […]

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Mom, it's all your fault.

I’m not doping. My mom actually drugged me.

What to say about 22-year-old Michael Bresciani’s doping positive in his first race for his doped Bardiani-CSF squad. His explanation, depending on your mood and sense of humor, was any number of things: hilarious, pathetic, absurd, theatrical, bizarre or simply wonderfully Italian. “I know I haven’t done anything wrong. The problem is that my mother takes Lasix (a […]

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Extra motivated? Wheelie?

Is Sagan really “extra motivated” to win green jersey at Tour?

  That’s what Ralph Denk, general manager of Bora Hansgrophe, thinks about Peter Sagan’s motivation level when it comes to the green jersey in the 2018 Tour de France. The “extra” is that dollop of anger and frustration and pay-back from being thrown out of this year’s Tour for forcing Mark Cavendish into the barriers […]

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What's in a name?

Tour de France boss plays name game to catch Dumoulin.

Christian Prudhomme, le chef du Tour de France, pulled out all the stops to convince Tom Dumoulin to ride the French grand tour instead of going for a second consecutive Giro d’Italia win. Along with pitching the sporting history of the biggest specacele in pro cycling, Prudhoome intimated that Dumoulin has to show up because, […]

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The Anti-Froome route

Tour de France throws thousands of cobblestones at Froome.

Today in Paris, A.S.O boss Christian Prudhomme presented the route of the 2018 Tour de France. The route was designed as a series of traps to catch out defending champion Chris Froome (Team Sky). With Chris Froome going for his legend-tying fifth victory, the Tour threw everything at him: cobblestones, gravel, windy Brittany stages, short, […]

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Bardet. Unpredictable, please.

Tour de France 2018 route. Bardet wants uncertainty.

The day before ASO announces the route of the 2018 Tour de France, Frenchman Romain Bardet put in his vote for the big event. He wants unpredictability, no status quo, random chaos, uncertain outcomes and risk-taking. Those are five things that give people over at the House of Sky headaches and irritable stomachs. The British […]

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Lighten up, Eben

Embracing full suspension bikes and e-bikes

I have several large, dry, caught-in-throat bones to pick with Eben Weiss of He’s a terrific writer — smart, funny and articulate — hey, he’s the Bike Snob guy, ya know! In any case, I seem to disagree with everything in his last few posts. A few weeks back, he went on a multi-pronged […]

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