Nulla concept bike. Nothing could be cooler.

Nulla. Super Coolla.

Nulla is an Italian word for “nothing.”

A wise and cool name for this concept bike created by Bradford Waugh at his design studio. And you thought the Specialized Shiv time trial bike was cool.

The Nulla breaks every UCI specification including the ones yet to be written. It’s been described as “chainless, hubless concept bike. You might add hopeless based on the number of comments about the insubstantial rims.

In fact, a few people mentioned the debt to Franco Sbarro’s hubless wheels on several concept motorcycles. It’s a stunning and unique look.

Waugh himself posted his plans to revise the bike with “two part rim adjusted guide wheels, added tension adjustment, frame change, updated pedals/cranks, new shaft drive system, reworked rear drive assembly
and sweet new colors” But that was back in late July 2008 — which means Bradford works very slowly.

Still, it’s an exciting look to a future of amazing bike designs and the certainty that we will never have enough money to buy all the incredible bikes we crave.

It’s Nulla right now, nothing, but maybe someday…

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