Nature Valley stage cancelled by tornado and lack of Tornado.

Tornado versus tornado.

What? A bike race cancelled by a tornado of all flimsy excuses?

Surely, this would never have happened to stage three of this year’s Nature Valley race in Minnesota without the T-solution.

By golly, this could have been easily avoided had everyone just got off their $7 grand carbon race bikes and jumped on a vintage 1959 Schwinn Deluxe Tornado. A cruiser that deals with rough conditions like a little twister rolling into the Minneapolis Saint Paul area.

Then we’d have have a real race instead of a cancellation. Schwinn only made the Tornado for two years in the late 50’s so sadly there wasn’t a stockpile of them lying around. Can’t just pop to the local bike store and barter the Pinarello for one of these collectible babies.

The Tornado featured a unique, double bottom, straight bar frame that laughs at inclement weather, lashing rain and gale force winds swirling in a tight funnel picking up cars and houses. Nature beat Nature Valley, it seems. But the Men of Lycra are surely wishing they’d had a Tornado ready to battle the elements.

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