Missing “Jiffy Bag” laptop found during filming of Sky Christmas video

//Missing “Jiffy Bag” laptop found during filming of Sky Christmas video

Missing “Jiffy Bag” laptop found during filming of Sky Christmas video

Freeman’s laptop.

The missing laptop of Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman, the computer at the center of the “Jiffy Gate” investigation by UKAD, has apparently turned up.

Freeman had claimed the laptop was stolen while on vacation in Greece. However, it now appears that the laptop has resurfaced during the filming of Team Sky’s annual holiday video.

In the video, Sky classics captain Ian Stannard rides his Pinarello around city and county roads, finally pulling over next to a parked Team Sky station wagon. When he opens the rear hatch, the laptop is seen laying inside.

“Yeah, bit of a surprise, really,” said Stannard. “We needed a laptop to show my Strava route spelling out ‘Merry Christmas’ in red and there it was. I could tell because it had a Greek tourism sticker on the bottom.”

The convenient disappearance of the laptop with all the medical records pertaining to Bradley Wiggins — and the listing of the contents of the mysterious jiffy bag — had prevented British anti-doping officials from gathering any information about possible doping infractions.

The case recently closed with no charges being filed against Sky or Wiggins and was loudly criticized as a failure by the cycling media and British public officials. The under-funded government body had no legal mandate to compel people to testify under oath. The high-profile investigation served mostly to illustrate the weakness of the anti-doping system.

Now, however, with the unexpected discovery of the stolen laptop, the investigation has been re-opened. Merry Christmas, everyone.

(Is this a real story? Nope, it’s 100% fabricated. But that’s the fun of Twisted Spoke — stories that actually sound like they could be true.)

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