Massive tree bike dominates Tour de France.

Big frames are back in the Tour de France

Forget those fancy carbon race bikes that every Protour rider pedals. The new frame material that’s all the rage at this Tour de France is timber. You can’t win without a forest behind you. Although as the relentlessly savvy Cozy Beehive noted, “wheel changes will be a bitch.”

This massive custom bike was constructed for an as-yet-to-be-discovered French giant who will win the tour next year in convincing fashion. Yes, he’ll cut Contador down to size, chainsaw him into submission.

The timber bike was on display in a field a few kilometers fro the start of the murderous stage to Morzine where Lance Armstrong died on his tiny Trek. He needed the lumberjacks’ frame of choice — and no doubt he’s pining for one, right now in the Radio Shack Bus. “Johan, I need to spruce up my frame.” To late to knock on wood, Lance.

This particular frame goes about a few thousand centimeters, which puts it in a whole new XXXXXXXXXXL size. Talk to your bike shop to see about ordering one. That bamboo bike craze was cool and steel is always real but pine is super fine.

(Note: to see all my photos from the tour click the FLickr  gallery at the bottom or click here.)

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  • Ron

    This will require about 4 riders. One at the saddle, one turning the handlebars, and two hanging with their lives on the pedals to turn it. The logistics challenge will be doing a "wheel change" on this beast.

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