Make a bamboo bike in your spare time! Here’s the How-To.

Bamboo rocks.

How good are you at smoking bamboo?

We ask because you could be building yourself a cool bamboo bikes with this terrific step-by-step How To we found on the web.

Whoever this guy is, you have to admire his go-for-it attitude and perseverance. It’s a fun and personal read and we give him props for even smoking the bamboo tubes himself with a blowtorch. He’s got the whole MacGyver thing down.

Damn if he didn’t pull the project off and turn out a bamboo semi-masterpiece. Each stage is interesting, including the explanation on bonding the hemp with epoxy. We note that the guy had broken up with his girlfriend so had plenty of time for a crazy thing like this.

He basically traded in the sex for the bamboo bike and it appears he was happy with the deal. By the way, the bike above is not the finished product but a Bamboosero New Zealand spin off.

Twisted SPoke continues to be fascinated by the beauty and genius of bamboo bikes. If we were president everyone would have one. Given the unlikelihood of that occurrence, maybe it’s best you just start building.

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