Dream big: Landis Marijuana WorldTour team at TDF.

Future team owner?

Future team owner?

Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream, several actually.

A dream that one day a small budget French team will crush Team Sky in the Tour de France. A dream that Tejay van Garderen puts three perfect weeks together and wins a grand tour. That Joe Dombrowski someday wins the Giro d’Italia.

That Peter Sagan, the Only Entertaining Man in Cycling, wins a second rainbow jersey and stars in his own Broadway musical with his sexy, sassy wife. A dream that UCI President Brian Cookson and ASO head Christian Prudhomme battle in an Ultimate Fighting cage match, winner rules pro cycling.

I have a dream that the irrepressible and funny Chad Haga wins a grand tour stage in an astounding 100 kilometer breakaway. (Because he just flat out deserves to.)

Is WorldTour kit next?

Is WorldTour kit next?

I have many dreams but the wildest one, the most fantastical, the most comedic and bizarre, is that one day ex-2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis will sponsor a WorldTour team and return to France in glory. Shit, why not, stranger things have happened?

The Floyd was already back in Paris to watch the final stage on the Champs-Élysées. He was there with clown-provocateur Antoine Vayer and as usual Landis had plenty to say about the sport and doping. He was his usual no bullshit, wise ass self and I enjoyed every minute of the transcript.

It was great to see in back in Paris but as previously noted (see headline, above) I have a big fat crazy ass dream. Floyd running a WorldTour team at Le Grand Shindig.

Consider the fact that financially it is not out of the question, given Landis’ new choice of career feeling pharmaceutical grade marijuana in Leadville, Colorado. Yes, the man has changed drugs from EPO to Cannabis, from illegal to legal and there is big money to be made — enough drug money to run a WorldTour squad.

Landis could be next Bjarne Riis or Johan Bruyneel. Think about it, live my dream, enter the fantasy and take the wild ride. According to the Washington Post, in 2015 marijuana in Colorado was a $700 million dollar industry. Look at that number again and say the words Landis Weed Project Cycling team. No, better, Team Landis Stoner .Sounds groovy, doesn’t it? Just the kind of excitement, the new high we need in this nutball sport.

Landis is starting small with his own operation, the aptly named Floyd’s of Leadville. He is specializing in vape and edible products containing cannabis oil. Folks, there is big, big, big money to be made in Colorado. Millions and millions. Andy Rhys BMC-kinda money.

Give Floyd Landis a few years to become a Colorado weed tycoon. The, watch out! He already has a kit sketched out and ready for sale.  The Mad Mennonite will be back at the Tour de France with his marijuana powered WorldTour team. Live the dream.




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