Lance Armstrong's 8th Tour victory needs a name. What comes after Lucky Seven?

I really need a slogan. Gotta talk to Johan about that.

I really need a slogan. Gotta talk to Johan about that.

Every Armstrong Tour Victory needs a slogan.

In the Lance Era, there was the Three-Peat, the Drive For Five, The Lucky Seven. Now, with only the Alps left and the 37 year old Armstrong just 8 seconds from winning the Maillot Jaune, we’re clearly in need of a title for this amazing comeback. We have a screenplay without a name, a legend minus the clever and marketing-ready phrase that embeds it deep in world consciousness.

Journalists are standing by and so are the book publishers, television producers, commentators and millions of fans. What do we call this astonishing feat?  The 8th Wonder– a nice twist that covers both the triumph and Lance’s advanced age? How about A Date With Eight? Capture the drama and intensity of his impending victory ride down the Champs Elysees.

Or Never Too Late For Eight, a reference to Lance’s 3 years off eating fish tacos, drinking Lone Star Beer and hanging with Matthew McConaughey. If we fudge Lance’s September birthday a bit, we could call this 38 For 8. What about The Last Dance WIth Lance? The Old Man & The Yellow Jersey?

Do we simply call this the Crazy OctaYellow Dream Machine? The Big To-Do On Ventoux, The Final Score Tour, the Kick Alberto’s Keister Campaign? We’ve batted around a few things but nothing sticks: The I Knew You Missed Me Tour, Mellow Johnny’s Revenge, Bust The Rust, The Texas Eight Step… we’re running out of ideas. We at Twisted Spoke throw it out to the fans. What’s your slogan?

For Alberto Contador, he’s thinking there was a Lucky Seven but no Lucky Eight for Lance. Alberto however still has a long way to go. His slogan is all the way back at Twice Is Nice.

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