The Non-Lance Armstrong post

//The Non-Lance Armstrong post

The Non-Lance Armstrong post


This is not a Lance Armstrong photo


We are not talking about Lance Armstrong. So for all those people who complain to the media about keeping the disgraced former seven-time Tour de France champion in the news, this is not a Lance story. You can continue reading safe in the knowledge that this is not another annoying installment in the long-running Lance Armstrong reality show.

In fact, there won’t be any quotes from people who say they wish the media would just ignore Lance completely, throw a blanket of silence over the way, forget he exists, never mention that person again, ever. Nor will you see any reader comments at the bottom of this post from people saying OMG why does the media still pay attention to this man? Please, please, please just stop paying him any attention.

Your fervent wish is our command.

You can be confident that here at Twisted Spoke we simply won’t play that media game. When Lance makes a pronouncement yet again about doping or the sport of cycling or his regrets or his latest TV appearance or interview or disagreements with the Andreus, we will not repeat those statements or pander in any way. You can be sure that we’re keeping this a Lance-Free zone.

When the latest movie about Mr Armstrong comes out and the everyone is reviewing the film and the director and the actors, be advised that those stories won’t be on Twisted Spoke. Unlike the rest of the media, we don’t need to report every single thing that Armstrong says because, just like you, we don’t need to read another thing about Lance Armstrong.

Take a good last look at this name: Lance Armstrong. Because you won’t see the name Lance Armstrong again.

For the good of the sport, for the good of your sanity, we simply won’t evern mention the name Lance Armstrong, not his first name, Lance or his last name, Armstrong. Do we really need another story on Lance Armstrong? Don’t we know everything we’d ever want to know on the subject? So yes, while every other “news” organization will slavishly let him use them as his media pulpit, we will take the opposite approach. Lance Armstrong who, that’s what we think.

When Armstrong rails about USADA and Travis Tygart as he does every few months, you can be damn sure you won’t find those quotes on this site. We just care more about you than the number of hits on our site or our search engine optimization. We don’t need Lance Armstrong to bump up our numbers so we can charge advertisers more money for ads. So we would never keep typing Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong just to get more attention.

The next time there is a BBC interview or a Yahoo news story or a sit-down with Bicycling or Time magazine, just relax knowing that those Lance Armstrong “stories” won’t show up here. If he has another car accident in the snow in Aspen, don’t expect a headline here about Lance Armstrong Skids Off Road Hits Three Parked Cars And One Toboggan. Not gonna happen here.

Should you, through no fault of your own, come across yet another story about the US Federal government’s “whistleblower” lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, you can be confident you won’t see one word about that in Twisted Spoke. No lawyer quotes, no legal prognostications, no witch hunt statements from Lance Armstrong. Like we said, this is a Lance Free Zone.

We’re not interested in having our cake and eating it too. We won’t report every meaningless sliver of the Lance Armstrong saga then act high and mighty that we’re not like those other websites and new outlets that publish this reality-show junk. Why, you ask? Because we don’t need to repeat the name Lance Armstrong.

There. Don’t you feel better already? You’ve read an entire story and there was nothing about Lance Armstrong. We avoided the whole subject, ignored the entire fiasco, shut our ears to the colossal mess. We respect the rights and wishes of our readers to never see another article about Lance Armstrong. Did we say Lance Armstrong? No, not here, not on Twisted Spoke.



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