Kranium. Cardboard head protection?

Cardboard Giro?

With all the amazing technology going into helmet design, is the real future corrugated cardboard?

We ran across this story on the London Cyclist and it certainly feels like what’s next. Design student Anirudha Surabhi put this together and his design is four times stronger than a conventional lid whilst at the same time going even lower on the scale.

His so called Kranium has already been licensed to several manufacturers — we’re guessing Giro is already playing with it — and should be hitting the market in some iteration within the neat future.

You can read the rest of the story here at London Cyclist. And check out the video below for the cash test versus a standard helmet.

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4 Responses to “Kranium. Cardboard head protection?”

  1. Nice straight blow at it and cleaver idea. There are other things you have to think about. I'd rather slide down a street on my plastic Giro than cardboard.

  2. Alright, I'll ask – What happens when it gets wet?

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