What was in Sky jiffy bag? Secret hand gel?

//What was in Sky jiffy bag? Secret hand gel?

What was in Sky jiffy bag? Secret hand gel?

Jiffy surprise?

The investigations continue in the mysterious contents of the jiffy bag brought to Bradley Wiggins for the 2011 Tour de France. Nobody can substantiate with any facts or credibility what was in the bag.

Sky’s Team Boss David Brailsford says he was told it was Fluimucil but people are still digging into the case, looking for a paper trail that doesn’t seem to exist for the most organized and systemized team in pro cycling.

However, former Sky super domestique Leopold Konig perhaps gave us a possible clue as to the contents. The rider signed this season for Peter Sagan’s Bora-Hansgrohe squad and in talking with journalists about what he had learned from his time at Sky, Leopold said it was all the little things.

In fact, he said there were countless things he picked up from Sky, with their massive budget and unlimited resources. However, when pressed by journalists, he singled out one thing that he took away concerning what made Sky and their riders so successful.

“It is really about the small details. It is really about having hand gels everywhere. Having antibacterial gel in every food room and every restaurant and in every reception. Those small things I’ve learned in Sky.”

There you have it, folks. The foundational secret, the core innovation, that helped Wiggins and Froome win the Tour de France. It’s not the legs, it’s the germ free, impossibly clean hands.

So the question becomes, was a special Brad-Only hand gel in that suspect jiffy bag? Had Sky developed a proprietary, perhaps slightly illegal hand gel? Were they pushing the ethical boundaries of hand sanitizers? Did they knowingly take advantage of lax WADA restrictions with regard to hygiene products?

And really, are there no hand gel cleaners in France? Was it not possible to simply pop round to a French supermarché and grab a few bottles off the shelf instead of sending a man all the way from London?

One thing is for certain as the investigation continues into the mystery jiffy bag. Sky and Brailsford will have difficulty washing their hands of this messy affair.


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