Jiffy bag party!!!! Madiot pokes Sky in eye.

//Jiffy bag party!!!! Madiot pokes Sky in eye.

Jiffy bag party!!!! Madiot pokes Sky in eye.

J’aime Jiffy-Gate!!!!

Who’s having fun with Team Sky and Jiffy-Gate? Not head honcho David Brailsford who has gone deep underground, presumably very busy trying to hold onto his job.

Not Bradley Wiggins, who is a prisoner in his own home as journalists stalk him outside his front door, wanting answers to what was in the bag.

Not team doctor Richard Freeman, who looks like an extremely compromised physician with a stolen laptop, a faulty memory and and inability to follow Sky’s protocols for dispensing medications.

Not Chris Froome, who must put up with all the Jiffy-Brailsford-Wiggins questions even thought he has nothing to do with the whole mess. He must feel like Wiggins is always a bad story for him.

Not British Cycling, which has seen its reputation take more hits on top of the punches about sexism and their old boy network.

Not the sport of pro cycling when the high profile, clean team, “do things the right way” squad is now seen as exploiting the TUE system and then covering up the details. When even the self-appointed crusaders appear dirty, an already distrusting public becomes even more cynical about the sport.

Not even crusading anti-doping journalist David Walsh who now looks like he was duped by Sky. When Jiffy-Gate blew up Walsh came out huffing and puffing with indignation and went out of his way to promise some kind of revenge expose, saying he had sources and we’d be hearing from him soon. Well, haven’t hear a peep since.

No, the only person having fun with Jiffy-Gate is FDK boss Marc Madiot. Yes, the Frenchman could not resist tweaking Sky and their massive budget and marginal gains. There’s no love lost there and Madiot went out of his way to thumb his nose up at Sky.

“They are … world champions and, awkwardly, the doctor’s laptop disappears,” he wondered aloud and you can almost feel the glee.

Commenting on Sky’s special delivery of Fluimucil, Madiot again hooted with amusement — “Why go through the trouble of flying in a product that you can buy over the counter for five euros in any French pharmacy?”

Now you could sell a lot of tickets for a cage match between Madiot and Brailsford. I’d be worried about the head butts from the Englishman but perhaps Madiot would blow cigarette smoke in Brailsford’s face, then use his scarf to subdue big Dave.

Madiot finished off Sky with a marginal gains gag: “It’s quite surprising coming from people who are claiming to be experts in mastering details,” Madiot told Reuters.

Now, we have to ask: where is Jonathan Vaughters on the Jiffy-Gate comedy parade. Surely, the clever Vaughters has a few wry observations to offer. Come on JV, quit holding out on us.

For our full and funny profile on Madiot, click right here. 


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