Interbike goodie #6. Lizard Skins, Primal, Alchemy Goods, Melon

//Interbike goodie #6. Lizard Skins, Primal, Alchemy Goods, Melon

Interbike goodie #6. Lizard Skins, Primal, Alchemy Goods, Melon

Walking around Interbike is a mesmerizing headspin. It feels like an immersive experience because no matter where you turn, you’re in a 360 degree universe of bikes, apparel and goodies.

Primal socks

I’m seriously late to the whole funny sock phenomena — both on the bike and at work. My dogs are so thin and skinny, I’m pretty much always wearing my extra thick Woolie Boolie socks by DeFeet.

However, if I ever did need more stylish and amusing socks, then I’d certainly put Primal at the top of the list. All I need is for cycling shoe manufacturers to actually make a narrow show and I’m in the penguin socks tomorrow.

Melon helmets

One of the main reasons I need a single speed or urban cruiser is so I have a reason to buy a silly helmet from Melon or Nutcase. Who doesn’t want a pink camo helmet to zip around the city in style? I’m promising myself an immediate trip to the Melon website the second the single speed is in my possession. The Melon will be a natural with my funny Primal socks.

Charger Evo

I became a fan of Lizard Skins when Calfee but their handlebar tape on my bamboo gravel bike. I love the cushy but firm feel and that slight sheen to the black tape. So the next time I have to replace the grips on my mountain bike, I’m going with the Charger Evo.

According to Lizard Skins, the Charger Evo has dual patterned textures on each grip for better shock absorption and a more connected feel with your bike. That comes with Lock-On grips, clams, screws and plugs. And then, yes, colors galore.

Now, finally, if you’re going to spend money on these goodies, it helps to have a well-functioning and fully loaded credit card — and naturally, a place to keep said card. My recommendation would be something from Alchemy Goods. Their wallets (and other stuff) is made from recycled bike tubes. Rubber meets credit card plastic.



Lizard Skins

Alchemy Goods

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