Giro music preview. Indie rock band Nibali shark attack!

Nibali on the attack?

Enough with the Giro prognostications.

You’re here at Twisted Spoke and our skewed view of the cycling world is perhaps best explained by the latest video from Los Angeles indie rock band Local Natives.

In the short impressionistic film for the song Wide Eyes, the singer is haunted and finally attacked by a shark. Vincenzo Nibali, you ask?  Is the lead singer merely a stand-in for Spaniard Alberto Contador? Metaphor piled on illusion amplified by symbolism.

We’re as confused as Phil Liggett after the second pitcher of margaritas — but we’re also singing along. This song is in heavy rotation at the Twisted Spoke discotheque but you make the call.

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2 Responses to “Giro music preview. Indie rock band Nibali shark attack!”

  1. You know he beats up the shark and bags him at the end, only to have a rabid koala bear slip into the picture. Could Cadel be playing the ruse and sneaking into the Giro at the last moment?