Froome’s post salbutamol nicknames

//Froome’s post salbutamol nicknames

Froome’s post salbutamol nicknames

New nicknames for Froome!

The Froome-dog no longer suffices.

In the post-salbutamol work that Team Sky’s Chris Froome now inhabits — and with the 2018 race season almost at hand — it seems that a new nickname in in order. Here are a few suggestions from Twisted Spoke and feel free to throw in your own ideas

1 Puff Daddy. Yes, the rapper stage name of Sean Combs feels far more appropriate for a man who puffed his way to twice the legal limit of salbutamol. Puff Daddy also suits his stature as the top man at Sky until we see what zero tolerance actually means to David Brailsford.

2 The Inhaler. In the past, posts figures have used nicknames like the Terminator or the Destroyer. Why not a nickname that captures the unique situation that Froome finds himself in.

3 Sal. Yes, we’re going a little Italian here, like the old school Hollywood actor who was in Rebel Without a Cause (kinda fitting for Froome, right?) back in the 50’s. Sal also has a modern day nod to the post-Breaking Bad show on Walter White’s lawyer. Need grand tour winner? Better Call Saul.

4 Wheezy. It’s like one of the seven dwarves in Snow White, right? Froome was wheezing something fierce in the final week of the Vuelta when he starting hitting the salbutamol pretty hard.

5 The Lung. Once the nickname of famous mountain biking racer and legend Ned Overend, The Ling is available now that Ned is long retired. YEs, it’s the Lung in the lead on the final climb ….

6 Broncho. A clever twisted on Bronco, a tough guy, Wild West, cowboy nickname. Who doesn’t want a guy called Broncho lining up at the Giro or Tour de France — unless he’s already banned from competition.

7 Mr T. Once a character in the TV action show, the A-Team, Mr T gets a new life with Chris Froome. The T stands for two thousand, as in 2000 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), or twice the threshold allowed for salbutamol.

8 Zero. The odds of Froome’s lawyers getting him off without a suspension? The Zero Tolerance policy that Sky insists they follow to the letter? Zero is a perfect nickname that sums up all the drama and intrigue surrounding Froome’s adverse analytical finding.

Okay, that’s a solid start on the new nicknames for Chris Froome as he begins the 2018 race season riding for Team Skybutamol!




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