Flanders and freakin’ Brugge. A film intro to the F-Race.

Goes without saying, it’s an effing hard race and even if former winner Johan Museeuw compares climbing De Muur to an orgasm — no lie — it’s an effing hard race. The effing part being the effing bit to focus on.

The start is in the old effing midieval town of Brugge, the setting for the dark and beautiful and disturbing film in Brugge. Or as Colin Farrell puts it with such poetry, “fucking Brugge.”

It’s a hit man story gone wrong, which is not a bad analogy for the bike race. Boonen and Flecha show up in Brugge to kill a rich, powerful guy named Cancellara and all Hell breaks loose.

Read all the blogger previews and Velonews and Cyclingnews and then come back and get yourself truly in the mood with this masterful clip that is simply effing perfect.

After all, the teaser statement on the movie poster says it all if you hope to win this monument: “Shoot first, sightsee later.”

In Brugge. Time to kill Cancellara?

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3 Responses to “Flanders and freakin’ Brugge. A film intro to the F-Race.”

  1. Wathced the clip and was laughing hard. Itr's just outrageous.


    This movie is pure gold. Well done sir.

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