Federal agent’s Santa disguise doesn’t fool Armstrong.

Federal agent Novitsky tried the Santa trick.

The boss is too clever for this kind of thing.

It was a bold move by Federal Investigators to plan a Holiday “interrogation” of Lance Armstrong right outside his house in Austin, Texas.

The plan was to have a fake Santa ask the seven time tour winner what he wanted for Christmas, then hit him with some doping related questions while an elf wired him to a lie-detecting machine.

But Operation Noel Intel never really got off the ground. The former yellow jersey king saw right through the red coat Santa. With a sharp eye, Armstrong knew instantly what the score was and who was behind this holiday charade: that wasn’t Saint Nick, that was agent Jeff Novitsky in the suit.

Lance’s security people ran the fake Santa off the property and then the Boss set out on his bike ride. First there was Fake Floyd, then fake Santa. Those hoping to catch the champ off guard over the holidays were sadly mistaken.

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