Donald Trump on pro cycling. The updated tweets.

//Donald Trump on pro cycling. The updated tweets.

Donald Trump on pro cycling. The updated tweets.

Trump down on bike racing

Before US President Donald Trump twitter-attacked NFL players for their peaceful protests during the national anthem, he took aim at pro cyclists. Here’s the latest list on his tweets and taunts.

“Bike racing. NOT A SPORT!!!! Un-American, zero ratings, nobody cares. Get a car! Nascar, they’re winners.”

“Watched the Tour de France. Fell asleep in 5 mins. So boring. Noting happens. Had to switch back to Fox News.”

“Who’s that Colombian guy Quintana. Sure is short. Should be a jockey. Does he speak English? Gonna guess he doesn’t speak English. Lame.”

“I like that Froome. He’s a winner like me. But his wife isn’t as pretty as Melania. Not by a long-shot. Not Miss Universe material.”

“Contador? Loser. Falls off his bike a lot. I’m 70 and I never fall off a bike. Even Crooked Hillary could go faster up a hill. Sad.”

“You have to like a guy called Spartacus. What? He’s retired? Hey, he can be in my cabinet — secretary of defense. Most of those generals are stupid anyway. Spartacus — that’s gonna make ISIS scared.”

“Don’t know about that new team from Bahrain. Are they ISIS? Might have to nuk them. Kidding. No, not kidding. I have good instincts, people.”

“I like Katusha. Strong team from Russia, strong leadership. Like my good friend Vladimir Putin. Can any of those riders hack computer files? Sure would like to find what that Mueller FBI guy is up to.

“Sky, they’re winners, I like winners. Invited Brailsford to my hotel at Mar a Lago in Palm Beach. Great buffet, best buffet in the world. Skinny Froome, even he’d want that buffet.”

“I’ll tell you, I look at Tejay van Garderen. He doesn’t have stamina, he doesn’t look presidential. Never gonna win the Tour de France.”

“Why all these crashes at bike races? I’ll build a wall, both sides of the road, from the first K to the last K. I’ll get the UCI to pay for it. They don’t know that but they’ll pay. It will keep the terrorists out, too.”

“I don’t think Nibali is Italian. He’s not Italian. Where’s his birth certificate? He was born in Hawaii like Obama. Shame nobody knows that. I been saying it for years. Nibali is Hawaiian and he won the Tour of Italy. That’s wrong, WRONG.”

“You see those podium girls at Vuelta? Welcome at my hotels ANYTIME. Beautiful — and skinny. Way they’re supposed to be. Not like FAT worst MISS U I ever had, Alicia M!!!!!”

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