Did Andy Shleck’s dropped filling affect his Tour de France?

A falling filling?

Dropping things. Is this a recurring theme for Andy Schleck in the Tour de France?

Last year during stage 15, he was ready to kill Alberto Contador with an attack on the Port de Balès. Instead he drops his chain, the Spaniard accelerates past him and the rest is history and another second place.

Today Schleck revealed that he also dropped something important in this year’s Tour de France: a tooth filling. Eventually a serious infection set in and after his race at the US Pro Cycling Challenge, he was forced to have the tooth pulled.

That extraction is said to be the reason why Schleck the Younger will not participate in the World Championships in Copenhagen this weekend.

The pain apparently made hard training too difficult and raised the risk for further medical complications. (Schleck can ask Mark Cavendish all about the dangers of tooth infections.)

What Twisted Spoke is wondering is whether the dropped filling had anything to do with Schlecks’ drop in performance in the Tour’s Grenoble time trial? While Aussie Cadel Evans of BMC put in a powerful ride to win the Tour de France, more than one commentator noted a certain listless quality to Schlecks’ ride.

First there was chaingate. Now, toothgate?

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5 Responses to “Did Andy Shleck’s dropped filling affect his Tour de France?”

  1. all we need now is for his testicles to drop and he might start winning.

  2. toothgate? his 2011 performance was more like Col-gate than Toothgate…inability to close the deal on the Col…

  3. 'drop in performance in the Tour’s Grenoble time trial'

    Yeah Andy is a feared TTist usually. Jeez

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