Cera Rebellin. Another doper nailed by Olympic EPO test.

No, there was no EPO on my pasta, just tomato sauce and capers.

No, there was no EPO on my pasta, just tomato sauce and capers.

Rebellin, Schumacher, Kohl – why have three high powered lawyers and the needless legal expenses? I think these guys should get a group rate: one lawyer, one cost, maybe even make them one person to simpify the process. “Your honor, my disgraced cycling client Davide Stefan Bernard.” Sounds smart to me.

And while we’re making new combinations, let’s agree to never refer to the old team Gerolsteiner team name again. From now on, it’s Cera-steiner, in honor of their EPO of choice. When you reach the critical mass of three riders on the same team, you have to figure there’s more rats under the carpet.

There’s a certain Three Stooges quality to all this. Kohl admits, Schumacher denies and Rebellin prays his Olympic B sample somehow comes back clean. Until then, Rebellin will maintain the usual shocked, amazed, there-must-be-some-mistake stance all dopers use. There’s probably an Idoits Guide to Denying Doping book somewhere for riders that gives them all the keys phases.

Next up, Mr Valverde. I can just feel it coming. And nobody does denial better than Valverde.

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