Mark Cavendish on honorary degree spree.

//Mark Cavendish on honorary degree spree.

Mark Cavendish on honorary degree spree.


Cavendish. More degrees on way.


Mark Cavendish is a talented sprinter and astounding intellectual. He is as mentally quick as he is physically fast.

This week the erudite Manxman picked up an honorary Master of Science degree from the University of Chester and Duke of Windsor. This was apparently based on his contributions to science while sprinting in WorldTour races, a highly scientific endeavor at Etixx-Quickstep.

Will some high-profile university in Berlin or Bonn award Lotto-Soudal’s Andre Greipel a science degree? Based on his better results during the season, Greipel has been far more scientific when it comes to winning than Cavendish. Still, as of this writing, neither Greipel no fellow fastman Marcel Kittel have been so honored for their blazing intellects.

In any case, the science degree is not the only academic acclaim that Cavendish is set to receive in the near future. According to several reports, the famous Sorbonne Academy in Paris will give him an honor degree in fine art for his contributions to the beautiful sport of bike racing.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invited Cavendish to Boston to receive an honorary degree in computational math thanks to his impressive exploits in the final thousand meters of a bike race. Stanford University in California is prepared to bestow a PhD diploma in economics. The sprinter is celebrated for his contributions to the economics of sprinting.

Japan’s Kyoto University has invited Cavendish to Japan to receive an honorary degree in Theoretical Physics for apparently defying gravity on his race bike. They are also throwing in a ceremonial degree in Japanese calligraphy and origami.

Meanwhile, the University of Oslo will give a warm welcome to Cavendish in January. In a special event, he will be given a Master’s degree in Environment Climatic Change. This is based on his pioneering work in the distantly related field of bike racing.

It will be a busy year of intellectual triumph as Cavendish also travels to Russia to visit Moscow State university. After a honorary military parade in Red Square, he will be given a double degree in hydrology and mining technology.

The Manxman’s obvious intelligence and diligent study habits are often overlooked, however he is excited to finally receive some measure of recognition. “I am honored and feel very privileged to receive all these degrees. I have to say I’m rather impressed with myself,” Cavendish said according to the BBC. His latest autobiography, Boy Thinker, is set to hit bookstores later this winter.

This may only to the tip of the academic iceberg for Cavendish as universities all over the world are presenting him with honorary degrees. Just next week, Cavendish will find himself at Yale University to grab an honorary degree in neuroscience. Yale’s chancellor Garrett Fibmaster said “as a sprinter, Mark leads a true life of the mind, with a relentless intellectual curiosity that inspires us all.”




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