Cancellara’s Specialized bike illegally specialized?

Performance Enhancing Gizmo?

Is Fabian Cancellara using a performance enhancing motor?

The story gained traction when Fabian Cancellara of Saxo Bank officially denied using a hidden motor in his bike to win Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders and make Tom Boonen look really slow. A sight so bizarre that Quick Step boss Patrick Lefevere’s face turned an even brighter shade of red.

The UCI is reportedly investigating Cancellara’s whereabouts in the months leading up to the Spring Classics. The Swiss champion made several trips to China and specifically the Shensuken factory in the Sichuan provence. The factory specializes in building tiny motors for use in children’s toys.

“Shensuken has a joint partnership with a Swiss company the designs high end designer wrist watches. It’s possible this was a secret project to develop a miniaturized motor,” said the UCI’s Pierre Rigoler. “We’re not making allegations, we’re simply checking leads.”

According to several sources, the UCI has targeted Cancellara’s bike for additional testing. At the beginning of the season, the sport’s governing body had banned his time trial bike for illegal modifications. At the recent Tour of California, two Radio Shack mechanics were caught attempting to borrow Cancellara’s Specialized bike.

Lance Armstrong refused to comment on rumors that Trek is in final testing on a bike called Project M. “It’s a Madrone with a motor. Wait till Lance flys by Alberto in the Alps. The Spaniard is gonna freak,” said former Trek engineer Adam Weiss.

The UCI is furiously at work on creating a Mechanical Passport in wake of allegations of illegal usage of secret motors, hidden pulleys and clandestine booster rockets.

“Think about it — why do you think they developed hollow crank arms? Why do you think the bottom brackets have gotten bigger?” said Weiss. “There’s plenty of space for illegal modification.”

For the YouTube video on mechanical doping by italian journalist Davide Cassani, click here.

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  1. hahahah, UCI’s mechanical passport! Trek Motoradone!

    The acceleration by Cancellara on one of these sections indeed is astonishing, but then again, this is a suggestive video.

  2. Originally they tried poring EPO down the seat tube,this seams so much more practical. Maybe they will come up with an atomic powered one.Think of all the over weight cyclist(like me)that will finally be able to climb mountains with the skinny Basque riders.:)

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