Cancellara shows off key to secret motor?

A key to a motor?

Did Fabian Cancellara accidentally show off the key to the alleged secret motor hidden in his bike frame? The one that allowed him to suddenly, effortlessly rip ahead of Tom Boonen in the 2010 Tour of Flanders? The motor that allegedly given his to winning edge in the 2008 Milan-San Remo?

It’s anybody’s guess but the photo of a smiling Cancellara showing off a small open box with a key inside has many observers wondering if this was, in fact, the key that started the infamous motor.

“It’s a motor so you need a key to start it, right?” said Aldo Vanucci, a former WorldTour mechanic. “All he had to do was insert the key during the race, give it a turn and boom, the motor comes to life. I don’t know why he would show such a thing. It’s really not too smart of him.”

Belgian investigative journalist Bart Verhofstadt took a closer look at the photographic evidence and came away convinced this was a “smoking gun.” “There’s no question in my mind — this is the key to the motor that was hidden in Cancellara’s bike. Yes, it’s disguised to look like some kind of ceremonial award, but to me it’s clear as day. This is a dirty key that turns on a dirty motor.”

However, some cycling critics found it difficult to believe that Cancellara would knowingly display his proof of cheating. “This is off-season nonsense. It’s an award, anybody can see that. You don’t even need a key to activate a motor — that’s just silly,” said Alain Damusay, a journalist for L’Equipe. “Do people really think he would pull a key out of his jersey pocket, insert it into the bike frame somewhere and use it to start a motor? Preposterous.”

The exact nature of the key is certainly open to question. “It’s pretty clear to me that it opens some piece of furniture, like an armoire or a drawer of a nice desk,” theorized Magritte LeNiore, a UCI official and part-time antiques dealer. “It looks like a really nice ornamental key. It might even be a key to some city or town — Fabian has lots of those things.”

New UCI president David Lappartient has promised a full investigation of motorized doping accusations against Cancellara — most recently voiced by retired pro Phil Gaimon. The Frenchman will also be taking a closer look at the key is question. Is it, in fact, an award or a key to something much darker and mysterious?





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