Big Bear scare — naked man in sombrero at Tour of California.

Where are el pants?

Certain things scare a man. Chainsaw movies, dying of brain cancer, a nearly naked guy in a cape and sombrero on the roadside in the Tour of California.

I was riding in the Jelly Belly team car for the stage up to Big Bear when I received this fright. I’ve recovered now, thanks, but the image is forever seared in my memory — along with the devil, pope, antler man, the two guys in huge flesh colored fat suits, Elvis, Smokey the Bear and the Angel of the Echelon, Jana Ireton.

Of all of them, the Angel was probably my favorite — does that make sense?

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2 Responses to “Big Bear scare — naked man in sombrero at Tour of California.”

  1. He’s my hero.