Bamboo gravel bike, part 4. A two-wheeled work of art

Calfee gravel bike

I now own a functional work of art: a bamboo gravel bike from Calfee Design.

That’s a rare thing indeed. A piece of unique, visually arresting, creatively cool, bamboo sculpture that will roll over trail and road at high speed. Lean it against a wall and you can simply marvel at the beauty and ingenuity. Hop on the saddle and you have a high tech tool for exploring the world around you.


All bikes put. smile on my face; this one is a wide-angle grin. It’s a bike made from a flowering plant, a variant of the grass family. Is that flat-out amazing? Now let’s double down on that. On this bike, Calfee reinforced the bamboo tubes with a layer of carbon fiber wrap on the inside — nature and science working together.


Here are the latest photos of the gravel bike — which was stained a darker brown, which I think brought out a richer, more elegant look and feel. In two days, we’ll be riding this in the first Peter Sagan gravel fondo in Truckee, California.

I’m sure this bike will attract plenty of attention for all the other riders at the event. That’s no surprise. The level of craft is exceptional and there’s nothing else like it on or off the gravel road. It’s a functional work of art, after all.

Bamboo to go

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