Armstrong takes 1000th shot at USADA.

I don't like Travis

I don’t like Travis

Lance is on another one of his media rounds.

One thing that never changes is his absolute hatred for USADA’s head man Travis Tygart. If you could conjure up an image of Hell for Lance it would be marooned on a desert island with only one person for company: Tygart.

Our guess is that Tygart would soon be dead, brutally clubbed with a rock while he slept or forcibly drowned in the surf or killed with poison slipped into his coconut drink. He’d need Floyd Landis as his body guard and I’m not sure Floyd would make the trip.

In any case, Armstrong once again took his shots at USADA calling them worthless and vindictive and financially wasteful. “It’s probably the most inefficient and ineffective organization in the world with the amount of money it has,” said Lance.

Have to disagree on that score.

After the US Justice Department suddenly and inexplicably dropped their two year case against Armstrong (there’s your waste and inefficiency) USADA picked up the ball and in six months put together an incredibly comprehensive and air-tight case that not even a hundred Armstrong lawyers could break.

When every other organization, governing body and anti-doping agency had failed, USADA nailed Lance to a wall.

I’d hardly call that inefficient or ineffective, just the opposite. Their “Reasoned Decision” was meticulous and well-prepared — as it had to be to handle all Armstrong’s legal challenges.

Lance was never much on male authority figures and Tygart was the first man who had more authority than Lance. It kills him, drives him nuts and to this day he is still furious. No doubt there’s a voodoo doll in Lance’s Aspen home that looks like Tygart.

The doll has five hundred pins in it.




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