Armstrong & Lemond, sitting together at Tour de France?

Together again?

At last, Armstrong and Lemond are back together!

A little amusement from the Village du Depart, stage 15, Limoux. Each morning the Tour sets up  the village again, a space devoted to sponsors, special guests, tour personnel and the media.

It’s a fun little area with booths that showcase the specialites de la region, food, wine, cheese, patisserie goodies, strong coffee, etc etc. There are also VIP booths are that off limits except to the super VIPs.

AS such, there are plenty of tables and chairs and each one has the name of a famous tour cyclist. Completely by chance — or with a subtle French sense of humor, Lance and Greg were placed together.

However, given their long running and bitter hostilities, it seems improbable that the two will be taking those seats.

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One Response to “Armstrong & Lemond, sitting together at Tour de France?”

  1. IdeaStormer Jorge Reply July 20, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Where's Floyd's chair? Or Tyler Hamilton's? Go add them in Matt!