About Twisted Spoke

Hi, I’m a failed Cat 5 road racer and cycling fanatic and you can email me here.

It is almost embarrassing to admit how much I love the sport. I can get passionate about every facet–the history and traditions, the famous riders and personalities, from Anquetil to Hinault to Merckx to Armstrong.

I love the equipment, the wheels, the gear ratios, the sound of the cranks turning, the adrenaline on a fast descent, the hard climb, driving the pedals. I like lycra, micro-fiber, cool, absurdly over-priced sunglasses, I like the classic steel frames, the carbon art forms, the ti goodies that never stop coming.

I love the sounds of cycling, the landmarks of the great races. Paris-Roubaix, Le Ronde, the Vuelta d’Espana, Giro and the Tour. Vive le tout. Sestriere, Alpe d’Huez, Tormalet, the Arenberg Forest and Carrefour l’Arbre, the moonscape of Mont Ventoux.

I love the stunning countryside of Italy, France and Spain, the small towns, the hill top chateaux, the tifosi yelling encouragement on the road. I love the familiar voices of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

I love the fitness, the purity of the effort, the transfer of power, the lactic acid, the bursting lungs, the red zone, the heart rate monitor going anaerobic. I love the crashes, the demon descents, the relentless climbs. I like the recovery, the roadside cafe, the cappuccino.

Starting to get the picture? Yeah. So I started Twisted Spoke almost four years ago to write about pro road racing, mostly in Europe but the big US races, too. And guess what? I love writing about cycling. (For my top ten tips on blogging and TS, click here.)

I have now covered the Tour of California for Pez and Cycle Sort Magazine. Then I did the entire Tour de France (whew!) writing for Cycle Sport and Joe Parkin at Bike Magazine. It’s become a wild and fun ride.

Thanks for reading. Reader comments really make the writing a pleasure.

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  1. Matt, when I use IE9 the title at the top of your blogs disappears. Works fine with Firefox.

    • Velocrank, just another reason to avoid anything Microsoft does. I’m an Apple guy from day one. But thanks for the intel — I will pass that on to my web guy who will tell me there’s nothing we can do. DO we really need 12 browsers? Matt

  2. Great bio.

  3. I found your blog through the Inner Ring link and though I’m grateful to Mr. Inrng for drawing my attention to your well written, insightful, and consistently hilarious commentary, I’m even more grateful to you for writing it. Many thanks!

    • Aww, Nancy, you are a sweetie pie. Every few months I get a really nice note some a reader and it makes it worth it to keep writing. So thanks. You’ve given me the motivation for another few months. Matt