A Neil Browne moment at Interbike.

Two cycling bloggers deep in mutual admiration.

Twisted Spoke is here in Vegas for Interbike — you know, Sin City meets Bike Depravity. We’ve never been to the big show but already we’re overwhelmed with this rich cornucopia of all things bike.

Immediate impression: must triple income. There’s so much lust and desire and honest, genuine need for the God-like carbon fames and delicious wheels sets and bamboo bikes and crazy cool electric bikes that we’ve already called the wife to insist she work harder, including nights and weekends. Disposable income must be maximized.

We just downgraded our high school son from college to trade school and that should free up additional funds. We’re also looking into selling our adopted Chinese daughter back to China for a significant 5 figure profit. It’s Interbike, Twisted Spoke must and will have these carbon goodies.

We’re here all three days just frolicking in the mud like a pig that rides bikes. Does that make sense? Maybe not. In any case, forget greed for a moment. We had a chance to chit-chat with fellow cycling blogger and Versus writer extraordinaire Neil Browne. We sat in the “ladies lounge” for some women’s cycling apparel company and pretended to be star-stuck with mutual affection.

Back to greed. We’ll return poste haste with whatever we deem fascinating at Interbike. Do not channel the channel.

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6 Responses to “A Neil Browne moment at Interbike.”

  1. Jeez, you guys, get a room!

  2. Awww gee you guys make a great looking couple!

  3. We've traveled with Mr. Twisted Spoke and we've seen things we can't repeat. It's the journalists' code. Forget Las Vegas. What happens in France, stays in France. Suffice is to say Neil Browne ain't his type, with, of course, no disrespect to the man of Waffle House fame. Handsome cat and all, and it's gay picture of the two Master Bloggers, but me believes they're just friends.

  4. Too bad u dont have a Chinese son, you’d get a lot more…