A 65 year old cannibal. Happy birthday Eddie Merckx.

Cannibal b-day.

The Cannibal has 65 candles on his cake. Happy birthday to Eddie Merckx, the greatest cyclist of all time unless perhaps you’re from Texas and have seven Tour de France wins.

We found these two Molteni images and put them together. It’s a revealing side by side comparison. Old and young, the cannibal and the wise old man. Normally, there’s no such thing as an old cannibal in a eat or be eaten world. The man who used to devour the competition now spends his time watching his grandchildren play sports.

We hope he’s washing down that sponge cake with a few Belgian Trappist ales today. Careful Eddy — no hard candy, you’ll hurt your teeth.

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  1. Maybe Texasmanplus7 would NEVER have done it on Eddie's diet!!!!!

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