Laura Antoine, the American Tour de France podium girl.

Her name is Laura Antoine, a model from Saint Louis, as reported by Versus today at the Tour De France. American cycling fans are now in google-overdrive scouring the web for more photos of her.

Whether planned or not, Laura has found a novel and bold way to stand out from the zillion other beautiful American models trying to get noticed. And now, after a few hours of training, she can kiss and hand out stuffed lions or flowers at the same time. Ask Tony Martin of Team Columbia. No wonder he’s working so hard to keep that white jersey.

TS suspects Laura’s booking agent will be extremely busy for the next year. First Lance Armstrong is back, and now we have Laura Antoine, too. What can we say — vive le tour.

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  1. I posted about this also,”Laura” searches have made my stats go through the roof…

    • Yeah, I saw the Versus thing, then checked your post. As far as blog post views, She is a gift from the Cycling Gods. What’s your best day as far as views for the tour. I hit 200 which I thought was good since I’m new but I’m hoping Laura takes me further up the mountain.

  2. is this her first modeling work?
    cause i haven’t found nothing on her.

    • I think she’s just getting started but she is off to a brilliant one. Lemme know what else you find on her. Matt

  3. My most days for views was about 150 when the tour started. It has tapered off since then, until today when the Laura infatuation set in.

  4. Nice coverage of Laura Antoine – who knew that there was so much involved in handing over a yellow jersey and giving a peck on the cheek?

  5. Married?

    Velonews clip today talked with her, Tour Credential gave full name… which leads to her facebook page


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